Since 1925, the name Loacker has stood for pure and wholesome natural goodness, the highest quality and love for nature – combined in their delicious wafer and chocolate specialties.
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Sunsweet Growers Inc. is the world’s largest handler of dried fruits including prunes, apricots and mangos, and more. They are a grower-owned cooperative representing more than one-third of the prune market worldwide.
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Storck produces and sell confectionery products that are treasured by people in all corners of the world.



Every product tells a story, and every company has a history. At Kikkoman, the story of their products and the history of their company come together in a single word: heritage.



Since its founding in 1932, Merba has been an industrial cookie producer. Merba is a high volume cookie manufacturer that produces a variety of cookies of high quality and sells cookies worldwide



Made by a mom, loved by moms. Original Sprout bath and hair products are made from organic and natural ingredients. Perfect for children and babies.
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Born from Marc Anthony Salons, their line of professional hair products are tailored to suit their user’s need. From curls to straight or thick hair, they have a solution for everyone.
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Sweden’s No. 1 best-selling cosmetic brand; The Depend GelLack system is an easy and inexpensive way to achieve salon-perfect nails right at home.
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Almost two centuries of passion, Agnesi provides pasta characterized by a unique flavour, high in nutritional value and good cooking performance.
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Hellema is a unique family company with 150 years of experience in baking the most delicious cookies.



Right in the heart of Switzerland, on the banks of the Sarnersee, surrounded by high mountains and fresh air, Bio-Familia has been producing the now world famous Familia muesli since 1954.
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At Diamond of California, they take immense pride in offering fresh, high-quality and great-tasting nuts, and have been doing just that for over 100 years, since they were founded by a group of walnut growers in 1912.


Your home cooking expert; Lobo simplifies the process of cooking by offering flavors and condiments covering virtually everything from savory, sweet and spicy to cooking and dipping sauces.


With its unique combination of ingredients, Equal is a low calorie sweetener with great sugar-like taste. Each sachets are ideal for sweetening hot beverages like coffee, tea and chocolate, as well as cold drinks like shakes and smoothies.


What makes Delfi products unique is the careful and precise blending of their chocolate couverture following a recipe which has satisfied generations of consumers. They offer a wide range of chocolate confectionery products that meets every consumer taste.


A contemporary classic, Starbucks bottled Frappuccino® coffee drink offers the bold, delicious taste of coffee and real milk, blended together to create pure perfection. This lowfat indulgence is proof that you can enjoy a little Starbucks wherever you may be.

Guylian creates all its great tasting chocolates with only the finest Belgian chocolate with cocoa beans originating from an exceptional blend of West African cocoa beans, and all their chocolates are made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

Hudson’s products have survived through generation, remaining simple and traditional. Till today. Hudson’s throat drops have been the people’s preferred choice of medicated sweet.


Maretti is the brand that translates the essence of traditional baked specialities into a range of bite sized snacks. Inspired by a heritage of craft and love of good ingredients, Maretti Bruschette bites celebrate the pleasure of good taste and good times shared.

Sugar free and low on calories, IMPACT mints offers a whole variety of fruity & minty flavored mint with no artificial colours.
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Whittaker’s chocolates are made at its one factory in Porirua, New Zealand and is the only major chocolate manufacturer in New Zealand that ensures quality by controlling the whole manufacturing process – from beans to bar. It is New Zealand’s most trusted brand and a favourite among chocolate lovers.
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Brown & Haley has been making ALMOND ROCA® since 1923. Delicious crunchy, log-shaped candy pieces suffused inside with butter and coated with chocolate and diced almonds.



Kambly is Switzerland’s best-known and most popular biscuit brand. It is appreciated by worldwide consumers for its superior variety and outstanding innovations.

Pulmoll is a sugar-free tried and true throat pastille of over 60 years history and one of the best known brands on the German market. It contains sugar substitute Stevia, which is derived from nature.
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