Upcycling with St Dalfour

St Dalfour uniquely designed jars aren’t just for our delicious preserves. With a little imagination they can be upcycled into whatever you want them to be. Need cocktail glasses for a party or even a place to grow your favourite plant? Why not use our famous jars and not only create a great keepsake, but also save the environment!

1. Storage Solution
Although not especially ground-breaking, sometimes the simplest ideas are the most useful. Simply washing out your jars and filling with whatever you need to be stored safely is a great way to save money and create eclectic kitchen furnishings. You can also store food items in our jars such as herbs and spices!

2. Indoor Planter
The tall nature of the jar (pardon the pun) means it is the perfect candidate to be upcycled into a plant pot as there is plenty of room for roots to grow. We decided to grow a cactus but given they once stored delicious food, why not continue the tradition and tie a few St. Dalfour jars together and create your own herb garden.

3. Cocktail Glasses
Want some truly unique cocktail glasses to enjoy on a summers evening? The unique shape of our jars provide the perfect glass for your favourite beverages. You could add a handle or even pop a straw through a hole in the lid to create an eclectic cocktail glass.

4. Night Light
The intricate glass work comes to life with the addition of a battery powered tealight. Our jars are the perfect size for lighting in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or even in the garden sure to set the scene all over your home.

Pro-Tip: Consider using glass paints to incorporate more colours and customise your own designs to set the mood of your living space!

5. Candle Jar
Add a wick and wax to a scent of your own choosing to create your very own scented candles.

6. Flower Vases
Super simple:
1) Add water
2) Place freshly cut flowers
Viola! Your very own flower vase.

7. Plant Terrariums
Glass jars make excellent terrariums. Create your own contained eco-system with St Dalfour jar!

8. Sand Art Decoration
If you’re looking for something fun to do with your loved ones, try filling in empty jars with different coloured sand in different layers and see how it brightens up the aesthetics of your own home.

Pro-tip: Incorporate this idea with plant terrariums to create a mini scenic garden in your home!

9. Wind Chimes
If you are feeling bold, prefer creating something different and would like to try your hand in some advanced-level crafting, upcycling St Dalfour’s jars into wind chimes and suncatchers are the way to go!

Warning: Exercise due caution when working with glass and other sharp materials when you are making this.

10. Music Instruments
An all-in-one activity that explores science and music, there’s no limit to how many jars you can use for this activity with your friends and family. Simply add different volumes of water into individual jars of the same volume and shape, and then use a spoon to gently tap on them to compare the different sounds. You can even use these to play simple tunes to entertain your guests at dinner parties!


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