3 Important Reasons Why Prune Juice Should Be Part of Your Daily Staple

When we think of prune juice, we think of it as the go-to solution for constipation. More than just a natural laxative, prunes contain so many nutrients that contribute to overall good health.

Made from dried plums, prune juice is a good source of energy that does not cause a drastic spike in blood sugar levels.


Prune juice good for constipation & Health


Not just any prune juice, go for unsweetened prune juice.

Here are 3 important reasons why prune juice should be part of every Singaporean’s daily diet.


#1: Prune Juice for Heart Health

The fibre and antioxidants found in prune juice have proven to stop the harmful reaction to chemicals that can eventually lead to some of the heart problems we have seen. Fibre has also helped to keep hearts healthy by lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Left unmanaged, high cholesterol can lead to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Even when your diet is considered healthy, prune juice will protect arteries by reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress. Prunes are rich in pectin and this causes a slowing in the thickening of artery walls when there is plaque formation.


#2: Prune Juice for Bone Health

Dried prunes contain the mineral boron, which helps to build strong bones and muscles as it fights bone density loss that is caused by radiation. An animal study that was conducted in 2016 revealed that dried plum powder and dried plums reduced the effect of radiation on the bone marrow in an animal study. It prevents bone density loss and promotes bone health also.

Prune juice also has a positive effect on the management of osteoporosis. Boron is a mineral that aids in the healing of wounds, reducing inflammation and supporting the absorption of magnesium.


#3: Prune Juice for Appetite and Weight Control

Because of the high fibre content, prune juice can help you feel full easier, which results in eating fewer calories. Possibly a natural appetite suppressant, the fibre found in prune juice may help in weight loss as this will cause you to feel full for an extended period of time.

Prune juice has a low glycemic index, which means it is less likely to cause a spike in your blood sugars. You may wonder, how can prune juice has a low glycemic index when it tastes so sweet? This is due to the high sorbitol levels, which allows your body to absorb the glucose more slowly, hence a more gradual rise than a sharp spike in the blood glucose.


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